Wellness and Vaccination Programs

You can make a major contribution to your pet’s longevity, happiness, and quality of life by providing him or her with good nutrition; loving attention in a safe, sanitary environment; and scheduling regular checkups with the exceptional staff at Summerfields Animal Hospital. We will work with you to create a individualized, affordable wellness program to fit your needs, including a vaccination and prevention protocol customized specifically to your pet. Call us today and schedule your pet’s wellness exam with one of our doctors.

  • PuppyWellness

    Puppy Wellness

    Congratulations on your new puppy! Thank you for choosing us to help protect and care for your new addition to your family. Our puppy wellness program is designed to help…

  • KittenWellness

    Kitten Wellness

    Your new kitten should visit our veterinarians as soon as possible. Until your kitten has received a series of vaccines, he or she is susceptible to many serious but preventable…

  • AdultPetWellness

    Adult Pet Wellness

    Bringing your pet in for an annual diagnostic and wellness checkup can help reassure you that your dog or cat is healthy or help us detect hidden diseases or conditions…

  • SeniorPetWellness

    Senior Pet Wellness

    We’re pleased to introduce a program that will help us provide the best care for your senior pet: Celebrate Seniors! Living longer, living better-starting at 7 years of age. As…