May 10 2015

10 Great Apps Every Pet Owner Should Have

Who wouldn’t jump on new technology that’s only a click away on your mobile device? Are you looking for ways to improve our pet’s care while keeping things easy? Consider these 10 useful pet apps.


1. Whistle & Tagg– Two really neat systems with their own apps made by Whistle Labs, Inc


gfx-phone-device-imageWhistle is a light weight device that easily attaches to your pet’s collar. The Whistle list price is set at $99. Whistle, along with it’s app allows you track your dog’s daily activity. There are several additional applications within the app that allow you to improve your pet’s overall health. Whistle sends automatic updates using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, is waterproof and has a 7 day battery life.







Tagg, The Pet Tracker™ helps you see your dog’s location and monitor activity levels 24 hours a day. Tagg’s list price is $99.00. The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker is a system that uses breakthrough GPS and cellular supported technology to allow you to see where your pet is at any time and alert you if your pet leaves home. This is a great thing to have, especially if your pet is an escape artist.





2. iCam – Webcam Video Streaming


If you are curious to see what your pet’s are doing while you are away, then iCam is the app for you. iCam allows you to monitor your pet remotely with both multiple video and audio live streaming from your phone via a Wi-Fi. This is very helpful if you are in a new surrounding that your pet is not familiar with. Now you can put your worries to rest being able to see that your pet is fine while you are not there.




3. MapMyDogwalk – GPS Dog Walking by Subaru.

By MapMyFitness


Now, both you and your dog can exercise and get healthier together, at the same time! This app lets you keep track of when you walked, the distance you walked, what route you used, your calories burned and so much more. Sync with your free account, view and integrate all of the data either in-app or online at







4. BringFido – Pet Friendly Hotels

Bring Fido

Finding dog-friendly hotels, dog parks, trails, beaches, and other pet-friendly places can be challenging as a dog owner – but not when you have the app BringFido. This owner friendly app allows you to filter through the specifics your are looking for and book directly through the app. You can also search for other dog events, attractions and establishments that are dog-friendly directly within the app as well. A must have for dog owner’s that travel, or are “on the go” with their pets.





5. PawTracks for Dog Walking


Do you share your pet chores and responsibilities with family, friends or roommates? Have a hard time of keeping track od who did what when? The PawTracks app is a great way share and log tasks and other information about your pet including feeding times, walks and urinations/BM’s of your pet.






6. Pet Master Pro


All of your pet’s medical history is now at your fingertips. This handy quick reference can be used for routine veterinary visits or emergencies. This app allows you to track appointments, medications, allergies, vaccinations, insurance information,  microchip information and other pet information.







7. Pet Acoustics

Pet Acoustics App

Have a pet needs soothing or calming during a tense situations or noise triggers? This is music designed specifically with your pet in mind to aid in calming, relaxation and immediate relief in pets that suffer from acute anxiety triggered by sounds like thunderstorms, fireworks and environmental noises. You will see diminished shaking, pacing and panting, and achieve a state of calm in your pet in just a few minutes. Learn more at







8. Petfinder Mobile

By Nestle Purina Petcare co

Pet Finder Mobile

All of the great things you’ve come to enjoy at the Petfinder website, now in an App. This app will really save you time and driving when you are looking to adopt a pet. Use this app to search for pets that are in need of forever homes, find shelters and rescue groups, and read stories about pet adoptions.









9. Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid App

This app was developed by the American Red Cross specifically for pets and their owners. This app places the advice of a veterinarian directly into your hands. Get the app today so that when you are faced with a life threatening emergency in your pet, you will know exactly what to do. There are videos and simple step-by step advice for you to easily follow.   










10. P5 Dog Training App from Purina Pro Plan

Purina Training App

This free app makes training your dog that much easier. This app help you set goals, learn training skills and track your dog’s activity and progress anywhere you carry your phone. This is a great addition in the avenue of pet training and a good step to having a better-behaved dog!










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