Surgery- Low Cost Spays and Neuters

SURGERY FEES: (Neuter-Male * Spay-Female)

All fees include a full pre-anesthetic physical exam and risk assessment by the doctor and a IV catheter with fluid support therapy during the procedure. We provide external heat support while your pet is anesthetized. State of the art anesthesia protocols and delivery to include a respiratory ventilators, gas anesthesia, pre- and intra-operative pain relief. Individual anesthetic monitoring by a surgical nurse with advanced equipment to include EKG, Blood pressure, Pulse Oximetry and Core Body Temperature. Individual postoperative recovery monitoring and nursing care.

CAT NEUTER:$45.00 CAT SPAY:$80.00
DOG NEUTER:UNDER 25 lbs….$85.00
25-50 lbs……….$95.00
51-75 lbs……….$115.00
76-100 lbs………$125.00
OVER 100 lbs……DR QUOTE
DOG SPAY:UNDER 25 lbs..$100.00
25-50 bs……….$130.00
51-75 lbs………$150.00
76-100 lbs…….$170.00
OVER 100 lbs……DR QUOTE

(***Additional fees for pets >8 years of age, pregnancy, dogs in heat, uterine infections, hernias, undescended testicles and obesity. Pets may be deemed medically ineligible for surgical services by the veterinarian. Vaccinations required to be current include rabies, Da2ppv and kennel cough for dogs, rabies and FVRCP for cats. If vaccinations are not current and need to be completed, the physical exam fee will not be waivered***)

Additional services recommended and available- not limited to preoperative clotting panels, organ function screening and blood parameters, laser use surgical option, post surgical pain management, elizabethan collars and other lick protectants.

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Emergency Process

All after hour emergencies are referred to:

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