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Semen Collection, Evaluation, Freezing and Storage


When looking at your stud dog’s semen analysis there are a number of things to consider regarding his fertility. These include semen volume, motility, colour, concentration, sperm morphology, and pH.

Semen evaluation is an important tool in evaluating fertility. Remember that not every ejaculate is the same. A single lousy sample may not be the end of your stud dog’s career.

There are many factors that can cause problems in sperm production such as stress, genetics, abnormal heat regulation, nutritional deficiencies, seasons, drugs, age and radiation.

We offer a variety of services for your stud dog including semen collection and evaluation, semen freezing and banking.

We are an official Synbiotics freezing center.

We have the capability to receive or ship fresh chilled or frozen semen to any location. Please call us for details on these services.